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Grief happens all around us. But we don’t usually know how to handle it. That’s something I want to change.

Grief in the Workplace

Few organizations have HR policies when it comes to an employees loss of a loved one.

C-Level and Upper Management should understand how to correctly respond to an employee that is grieving.

Employees need to know how to respond to a grieving co-worker without creating an uncomfortable working environment.

Grief in the Church

Nearly every church-goer has trauma and grief they are trying to cope with.

Generally, grieving believers are encouraged to push it down, give it to God, and focus on joyful things. But research shows that doing so can cause more mental trauma.

Pastors, elders, leadership, and patrons should all learn the way to respond to grievers without damaging their faith or well-being.

This message applies to everyone!

The topic of responding to grief applies in all circumstances. This discussion would be helpful for events addressing those in the medical profession, end-of-life care, mental health field, etc. It’s also an important discussion for helping to create a peaceful work environment, as every employee will face loss and giving co-workers/executive staff the tools to help them feel safe is important. This is also an impactful message for churches, whose patrons deal with loss and grief regularly.

Pricing and focus are customized for each training in an organization or speaking engagement at an event. Contact me to arrange a consultation call or video conference.

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