Unshattered Grief

Helping others through loss without breaking them… again.

When grieving the loss of someone deeply loved, it’s like you’re a vase that has been thrown to the ground, shattered into 1000 pieces and put back together again, only to constantly teeter on the edge of a shelf. Those that don’t understand the depth of the pain will say or do something intended to help because the cracks in the vase make them uncomfortable. But, more often than not, those words and actions only make the pain worse for the griever — it’s like outsiders push the vase off the shelf and it shatters again.

Michelle L. Cramer has been working closely with bereaved families for nearly 15 years, a decade of which has been as founder and executive director of On Angels’ Wings, a Missouri non-profit that serves families with a medically fragile child. This passion also led her to become an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in 2020. She’s walked side-by-side with these families along the entirety of their grief journey and through that experience has observed how friends and family who mean well can actually cause additional pain. In Unshattered Grief, Michelle seeks to help those on the outside of a deeply felt loss — those who can’t fully understand the effect that such a loss has — to learn how to handle their grieving loved ones with care; to leave their fragile grief unshattered.

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