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Bereavement Policy Consultation, and Grief Response Training Services

Few organizations have clearly defined HR policies when it comes to an employee’s loss of a loved one. C-Level and Upper Management should understand how to correctly respond to an employee that is grieving. Employees need to know how to respond to a grieving co-worker without creating an uncomfortable working environment.


HR Consultation

A basic evaluation of HR policies regarding bereavement leave, and suggested action steps for revision.

HR Revamp

A deeper evaluation of bereavement policies, including multiple meetings and discussions with executive staff to develop a clearly defined approach, as well as contingencies for extreme circumstances, and a strategy for communicating with bereaved employees to establish concise expectations for all.

Grief Response Training – Peer to Peer

Half-day workshop for employees, training them on how to adequately respond to and support a co-worker that may be grieving. Addresses what to say/not say, how to handle difficult emotions, and how to offer help at work.

Grief Response Training – Upper Management

Half-day workshop for upper management to help them understand how to handle their grieving employees with care, communicating with them about their needs, while still being able to set expectations for their productivity. This is important for employee retention and a satisfactory working environment.

Let’s figure out what your company needs to do in order to serve its grieving employees better.

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