About Me

Michelle L. Cramer

I have been working closely with bereaved families for nearly 15 years, a decade of which has been as founder and executive director of On Angels’ Wings, a Missouri non-profit that serves families with a medically fragile child. This passion also led me to become an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in 2020. I’ve walked side-by-side with these families along the entirety of their grief journey and through that experience have observed how friends and family who mean well can actually cause additional pain. In my first book, Unshattered Grief, I seek to help those on the outside of a deeply felt loss — those who can’t fully understand the effect that such a loss has — to learn how to handle their grieving loved ones with care; to leave their fragile grief unshattered.

In addition to pursuing my passion with On Angels’ Wings, working full time on behalf of the organization beginning July 2022, and accomplishing my life-long goal of being a published author. I’ve have been a Springfield, MO photographer since 2007. I work from home so I can hang out with my two homeschooled boys, my husband of nearly 20 years, our 10 animals and more than 75 indoor plants. Our family enjoys traveling for new life experiences, science fiction, and dance parties.

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