That’s a Real Job, Right?

We do highs/lows after school every day. The lows are getting fewer and fewer and it makes my heart so happy.

Today I picked Eli up from the pull-out gifted program (WINGS) and it was just us for a bit, talking about highs and lows. He had a few highs.

One, he explained, was the research project they are doing in his home room. In past years, it’s been animals or countries. This year, however, they are researching the career they want to have — the educational requirements, etc.

He’s always wanted to be an engineer and build robots that astronauts use in outer space exploration (my nerd heart secretly hoping that he’d be part of the team that engineered the first, real-life Enterprise).

Here lately though, we’ve been talking about another career option. I’ve put the idea in his head about being a therapist for gifted and autistic children — just tossing that in the air and seeing where it lands (his counselor was even telling him how it’s a really great job). See, the new private school he attends is an inclusive school (50/50 atypical and neurotypical learners, all in class together). The staff continues to swell with pride at how Eli advocates and cares for his fellow students. He seeks to always include everyone. He comes home excited to share about fun moments of friendship he had with some of the atypical learners. He makes sure they have what they need, always checking on them and encouraging them. It makes my momma heart so happy!

Well, today what I consider to be a pretty monumental moment occurred and I wanted to mark it down — put it in stone.

Eli told me that the career he is researching — the job he’s aspiring toward is…
2018-09-18 (4)

a robot therapist.

Yep. You read that right. He wants to be a therapist…. for robots.

He is 100% legit serious about this career trek. He wants to be a robotics engineer that works to help artificial intelligence of the future assimilate to our culture through programming and therapy skills. And to help people of the future adjust to having AI’s around.

Honestly, this whole concept just blew my mind. He was certain it already existed. I assured him that it didn’t (okay, I’m not 100% on that, but if it does, it’s totally in secret!). But it’s definitely something I could see our world needing in the future as tech advances. And how astonishing is it that this 10 year old kid came up with this idea all on his own?

Maybe it will morph into something really amazing through robotics as he gets older and matures. Maybe it will be exactly what he intends it to be.

I certainly don’t feel like this is comparable to a 3 year old saying he wants to be a superhero when he grows up. This is our son legitimately gearing up to be someone that changes the world!

Can you imagine? I certainly can, and I couldn’t be more proud!

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