Whole30 Journey – Halfway Mark


That’s my day. Halfway mark through our Whole30 today and as I was sitting her trying to think what to reflect upon for you all, I realized that today that “Tiger Blood” phase set in for me. Because from the moment I got up I was go, go, go. Tomorrow the kids start school and I was suddenly motivated to do a ton of food prep, clean animal habitats (we have a small zoo in our home), throw some work time in there and was even making the kids clean their rooms. The poor things — making them suffer through a room inspection the day before school starts (don’t worry, there was plenty of fun to be had as well).

In between my taxi runs this evening to karate and dance class and pickups, I hit the store too. Because I suddenly realized I was so busy doing all the things today, that I didn’t do any of the prep necessary for our dinner! So a quick run to Aldi and we had salads with chicken tenders tonight (and that awesome vinaigrette I told you about in one of the other posts!).

Even when I finally jumped in the shower at 10pm, I was thinking I should just clean the bathroom while I’m there. On that task, I did convinced myself that some of the things can wait until tomorrow, especially since I still had a chicken roasting in the oven.

As far as the last few days go, I have personally been mostly great, with the exception of Day 11, which was pretty rough. It literally felt like I was in slow motion all-day-long. I had practically no energy at all. Ended up finally going to bed earlier than usual when I felt pretty much useless that evening. But that’s been the only rough day for me so far.

wordswag_1534309535332As far as the rest of them…

The hubs is still pretty tired, detoxing hard off his carb-loaded diet from before (and he still doesn’t have the water thing down). And all three of my crew have had some pretty mad cravings. They were ready to throw in the towel when we ran to the store last night after walking past all the processed foods, none of which phased me.

Admittedly, however, I’d really like some dark chocolate, but I found a tasty and compliant microwave chocolate cake recipe just to stave that craving a bit. Those die-hard Whole30 gurus would say not to sub out sweets, but there has to be a little bit of give for the Cramer family to make it out on the other side.

I won’t be running through our meals because, for the most part, we’ve done repeats of successful recipes from the past couple weeks. I’ll be trying a couple of recipes in the days to come that I’ll share then (if they turn out okay).

Also, La Croix water is really, really yummy. And I totally didn’t like it before. The things you find yourself enjoying when deprived of your usual treats has been a blessing in disguise. Cherries and/or plantain chips are my go-to snack these days. There will certainly be some changes that remain constant on day 31 and beyond.

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