Emotional Leg Day

Today I’m really struggling.

It feels like the burdens that our boys carry keep piling up. And some (not all) people that used to be really invested in them, part of a tribe of people that help us shoulder this weight, just don’t seem that invested anymore. Which means that my husband and I are bearing more of it. We will gladly do it, but the weight is sometimes really overwhelming.

It’s like doing leg day at the gym every single day, with no breaks, no time for your muscles to recover.

Except it’s an emotional leg day.

Every day. All day.

So I’m sitting here, in a grocery store parking lot, crying and blogging before I have to pick one of them up from school. Because I’ve got to release it somehow. Even if it’s just into the abyss of the internet and no one ever reads it.

So no, I don’t have it all together. Though I strive to live everyday abundantly, there are still days where the struggle is real… More real than I can emotionally bear that day and I break. Alone, in a parking lot, because soon I’ve got to suck it up, strap the weights back on, and trudge forward. Because what else is there to do as a mom?

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